The real-life Frozen version will be re-released in Paris (France) in a few years. This is certainly good news for many fans of the movie “Frozen”.

According to Yahoo , all the scenes of the Disney-produced Frozen movie will be recreated at Disneyland Paris park in 2023. Castles, villages and icy lakes will be fully featured in the model. bold this fairy.

Coming to this model, you will also meet many famous faces in the fairy tale Frozen. Inspired by the icy lands, this will be the entertainment and entertainment destination that attracts many top tourists in Paris, France. Disneyland Paris said: “Visitors here will be immersed in a world tinged with fairy tales. From a distance, you will see the snow-capped Mount Arendelle opposite a magnificent lake”.

The Frozen land is part of a $ 2.17 billion expansion project of Disneyland Paris. Other new areas being planned include Avengers (Superhero Couple), Star Wars (Star Wars) and Spider-Man (Spider-Man).

The first project to be implemented is the Avengers Campus, which will be opened in 2021. Disney CEO Bob Iger said: “We are excited about the future of Disneyland Paris and continue to invest in its long-term success. “.

Before the Frozen Land opens, fans can still take part in the adventures of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven in the Frozen Celemony program that takes place 4 times a day at Disneyland Paris.

The program has parades with acrobatic dancers, visitors can also interact with the characters in the film. In addition, the new interactive experience at Frozen: A Musical Invitation Park also allows guests to play and interact with their favorite characters in the cult fairy tale.


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