Recently, 42 statues of former US presidents abandoned in rural Virginia (USA) became famous, attracting tourists flocking to check-in.

Inspired by driving through Mount Rushmore, sculptor David Adickes created these giant statues. Initially, the works of David Adickes were the symbol of the US Presidential Park in Williamsburg (Virginia, USA) since 2004. However, the statues could not create a great effect to attract tourism at the time. at that time. In 2010, the park owner went bankrupt and the bust of the US Presidents was abandoned.

Howard Hankins was involved in the founding process of the US Presidential Park. When the park was closed, he was hired to demolish the head statues with an industrial stone crusher. However, Howard didn’t dare to do so.

In 2012, he spent tens of thousands of dollars to move statues up to 6 meters tall and weighing over 9 tons to an industrial recycling facility in Croaker, Virginia, 24 kilometers north of the US Presidential Park. Hankins’ base has become the “home” of 42 busts of the US President since then.

Hankins once hoped to open his own park or a wealthy art collector would buy statues. However, 8 years after moving, the sculptures remained there and were damaged over time.

Unlike the years in the park, now the US President statues have a certain popularity. People seem to be more interested in seeing the massive works abandoned. Hankins was surprised because many tourists were interested in visiting. They spread images of the statues and drew more attention.

John Plashal, an avid photographer, is particularly fond of photographing statues at night with a magical galaxy background. John has helped make the statue of Hankins a craze on social media recently.

He said that everyone was interested in this photo and came here. “On social networks like Snapchat and Instagram, a lot of people tag #presferencesheads and spread like wildfire,” Plashal said.

Photographer Plashal believes that the giant US President statues will attract tourists for many years to come, turning this place into the Easter island of North America.

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