Flight attendants always know when two passengers “go to the toilet” in the toilet.

These are things that regular passengers won’t be exposed by flight attendants, according to Buzzfeed.

The aircraft will only be cleaned once a month. After every flight, the flight attendant or cleaner cleans up to collect the garbage, but just passes over.

The flight attendants always know when there are two passengers ” going to the toilet together ” in the toilet.

The fact that guests ask for an extra drink even when it is not the hour to push the cart on the plane does not make the flight attendants feel bothered.

Despite flying hundreds, even thousands of hours, the flight attendant is still not used to the sound of children crying on the plane – this sound still makes them feel uncomfortable.

Depending on the compensation of each airline, flight attendants are sometimes still allowed to fly free.

The accessories issued to passengers such as headphones, blankets … are reused for the next trip passengers.

Drinking water or water used to make tea and coffee on the plane was renewed after each landing. But water containers are not regularly cleaned. Food leftovers after each flight will be handled according to a separate policy, but most will be discarded.

If the passenger is drunk and behaves lovingly, that doesn’t matter. But if they cause disorder, airport security or police will be available at the point of landing.

Most flight attendants think the uniforms make them uncomfortable.

Passengers are not limited to the number of light meal requests on the flight, but everything depends on their attitude.

Man or woman hostess must go through the same rigorous tests and training and no one will be biased.

Passengers often only remember to put luggage in the cabin above their heads, and often leave luggage under the seat.

When guests experience health problems on board, the flight attendant will seek help through the speaker system. Often they will look for passengers who are doctors on board. If a suitable person cannot be found, the flight attendants will follow a basic first aid procedure. In the event of serious passenger problems, the aircraft will land at the nearest airport.

The best part of being a flight attendant is being paid to travel the world.


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