Recently, Google has just released 1,000 new images of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet through the Google Earth View application.

1,000 impressive slices of the landscape are recorded

Google has shared impressive photos of some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth from space over the years. Recently, the biggest update to the Google Earth View collection comes with 1,000 images. The Google Earth View collection currently has more than 2,500 landscapes from around the world. The newly upgraded image series is optimized for 4K displays with high resolution, for brighter and sharper colors. All photos can be used as wallpapers on Android devices and personal computers, screensavers for Chromecast or Google Home. In addition, Google also has an extension on the Chrome browser, which you can install in the Chrome Web Store and view this interesting collection of images

Value after each photo of Google Earth View

Google Earth has shared hundreds of beautiful wallpapers through its Planet Sight collection for years. These images show breathtaking views from satellites, providing an almost unique view of the planetary landscape and the coast. Gopal Shah, Google Earth product manager, said: “Earth View was born out of curiosity about the cosmic world. Over the past decades, that tiny seed has sprouted up vigorously and today. These images have been seen by millions around the world. ” At the same time, Gopal Shah also emphasized that Earth View has the ability to raise our minds into outer space through the tiny screen, making us more deeply concerned about the strange but beautiful planet. Kaleidoscope ”.



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