Possessing many of the most beautiful natural scenes in Europe, Germany also attracts visitors by ancient castles.

Castle  Neuschwanstein  embodies architectural style romantic front of Germany in the 19th century works owned by Roman arched windows, pointed Gothic tower, decorated with gold and marble Byzantine style. All evoke a poetic, gorgeous beauty that anyone who once admired can not forget. 

The ancient features of Heidelberg castle are the attractions of millions of tourists every year. It was the home of the earl of Pfalz for 5 centuries, starting to build under the earl of Ruprecht I (1309-1390). 

From Kornmarkt square, you can go to the castle by train or walk two streets Burgweg (10-15 minutes) or the winding Neue Schlossstraße. Already dilapidated but this castle built of red sandstone still exudes a grandiose and grand scale beauty.

Sigmaringen castle has a long and complicated history, changing many owners. The original building was built in 1077, buried and then destroyed after a fire in 1893. After that, the castle was restored as it is today.

It houses more than 3,000 weapons, artifacts from the Stone Age, part of the royal carriages.

When visiting Eltz castle , you will better understand the lifestyle of the medieval nobility. It exhibits impressive collections of antiques, including precious paintings, gold and silver pieces for decoration, tapestries, Austrian porcelain and medieval weapons. 

Nymphenburg Palace  is one of the largest royal palaces in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the palace in Munich every year. “Castle of the goddess” is a masterpiece of Germany and an attraction not to be missed when traveling this country. This is also a destination in the Tugo 7-country European tour.

Inside the palace, there are royal-style rooms, a central hall, galleries north and south, a south hall, and a garden hall. In addition, you should also visit the bedrooms of Queen Caroline, the palace, the museum and the surrounding campus.

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