Owning a length of 42 km, Eisriesenwelt in Werfen (Austria) is known as the largest ice cave in the world.

Eisriesenwelt natural stone and limestone cave is located in Werfen (Austria), about 40 km south of Salzburg. This is the largest ice cave in the world, attracting about 200,000 visitors each year.

Despite owning a length of 42 km, tourists are only allowed to visit the first kilometer because of the space completely covered by ice, the rest of the cave is made up of limestone.

Over thousands of years, many cracks and crevices in limestone developed, forming beautiful stalactites. The temperature inside the cave is often cold to freezing, visitors are required to wear warm clothes when visiting.

Eisriesenwelt was first discovered in 1879 by Anton Posselt. Before his discovery, the locals all knew this place. However, they never dared to go deep inside believing that it was the entrance to hell. Later, Alexander Mork, a space researcher from Salzburg, was one of the few people who remembered Anton’s discovery, leading many expeditions into the cave since 1912.

Every year, the Eisriesenwelt ice cave opens from May 1 to October 26. The whole tour lasts about 75 minutes. Besides, visitors are not allowed to take photos while visiting the cave.

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