Decorated like a classic villa, the world’s most expensive hotel room costs from 85,000 USD / night or more, belonging to The 13 Hotel (Macau, China).

When it comes to the most luxurious hotel in the world, Emirates Place in Abu Dhabi or Burj Al Arab in Dubai (UAE) are frequently mentioned names. However, The 13 in Macau (China) seems to be able to overshadow the luxury of the aforementioned hotels. Worth $ 1.6 billion , the hotel The 13 was built to confirm the title of the most luxurious hotels in the world and aims to redefine the global standards.

Opened in late 2017, the luxury hotel is the building of The 13 Holdings Ltd and the chairman Stephen Hung, a Chinese billionaire famous for his lavish lifestyle and luxury car collection.

Decorated like the 17th-century Baroque Palace of France, the 22-storey hotel features 200 multi-level villas, an average of US $ 7 million each. The standard room of The 13 provides guests with 610 m2 of space. The hotel also has 31 larger villas, especially the majestic Villa de Stephen wider than 9,100 m2.

La Villa du Comte is a standard room of The 13, spacious layout with an average floor area of ​​610 m2 and arranged like a single-storey villa. Each La Villa du Comte will have its own elevator lobby, 24-hour butler service and a Roman marble bathroom with enough space for 8 guests.

The luxurious villa room is decorated in a magnificent Baroque style, with stained glass windows, neoclassical columns and crystal chandeliers. The bedroom features a large, velvet bed with Baroque bold headboard decorated with royal gold-plated and carved motifs.

The definition of luxury in The 13 is not only from the luxurious space and services in one-storey villas, but also from the classy shuttle journey. Not a regular hotel bus, The 13 offers a $ 20 million cash car to the gods, with 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms and two gold-plated Phantoms. The driver of a world-class hotel is ready to take guests to high-class restaurants, casinos or simply business meetings.

One night at The 13 can cost the giants up to $ 85,000 for La Villa du Comte and $ 100,000 for the largest villa. The hotel has set a luxurious standard for resting space and all accompanying services. Each butler at The 13 is trained by the prestigious MCM Palace Consultants in Paris and certified by the British Butler Association, while Rolls-Royce Phantom drivers are trained in the UK.


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