With a newspaper, magazine or a book and sunglasses, visitors will have fun relaxing moments through the experience of floating on the water in the Dead Sea.


Located on the border between the West Bank, Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is essentially a salt lake of 1,000 km2. It is also known as the lowest point on the surface of the Earth at 423 m below sea level.


With a salt concentration of 38% in the water, the lake water has a great push so your body easily floats on the surface of the water without any buoys or support equipment. Due to the high salinity, no living things can grow here. This is also the origin of the name Dead Sea. 


However, visitors should be careful not to flood their eyes and eyes with water because salt water can cause eye and ear damage. If you have a scratch or cut on your body, you should not go into the water to avoid getting hurt. Visitors should apply sunscreen and stay underwater for only 10-15 minutes, then bathe with fresh water to remove salt from the Dead Sea.


Dead Sea Water has the ability to cure diseases, due to the extremely low number of bacterial spores in the lake and no allergens. There are many kinds of minerals in the lake water. The amount of UV rays in the sun in the Dead Sea is very low, plus the high air pressure (due to the low position) creates many benefits for human health.

Besides interesting experiences, the Dead Sea is also an attractive destination for those who like to “live virtual”. The fine white salt dunes jutting out along the coast will make your photos more impressive. This phenomenon occurs because the sea evaporates continuously for many years. 

Here, black mud bath is popular with many travelers. Along Dead beach, many restaurants, bars and resorts are built to help tourists enjoy the most complete trip.

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