Chiang Mai stretches over an area of ​​20,000 km2, about 700 km from Bangkok. Located in northern Thailand, this land has mainly mountainous terrain with cool, pleasant climate all year round similar to Da Lat of Vietnam.

Dubbed the “rose” of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is famous for its majestic mountains, dim in the morning mist and immense primeval forests. It also attracts visitors by the ancient architecture, green cafes or rich experience. 

The following is a suggested schedule for travelers who have 48 hours to visit this place (excluding flight hours).

Schedule suggestions

Day 1

– Challenge with thrilling games like zipline, bungee jumping.

– Visit Doi Suthep area.

– Explore Baan Kang Wat craft village Eat, shop at the night market.

Day 2

– Visit the flower garden in Mae Sa valley.

– Experience elephant bathing and massage.

– Visiting the traditional craft village Baan Tawai Creative Village.

– Watch traditional dance or fight in Muay Thai.

Adventure play area

Coming to Chiang Mai, you will regret if you ignore the adventure games. Some outstanding games include: zipline skiing, aerial biking, freestyle jumping, alpine swing, sled …

The game parks in Chiang Mai are mostly located on the outskirts of the city. You will spend about 2 hours traveling by car and can spend half a day for a game area in the forest. A tour usually takes about 4-5 hours depending on the number of games. Prices also follow that difference, ranging between 1,600 – 2,400 baht (1.2-1.8 million).

There is also a photography service when you are participating in the game, priced at 100 baht (about 75,000 VND) for a framed photo.

Doi Suthep is not only a popular Thai pilgrimage site but also attracts a large number of foreign visitors. The sights lie neatly on a hill. From the city center, your car takes you across the countryside on the outskirts before reaching the steep road leading up the hill. Under the canopy of old forests, winding cars winding, zooming out of the window, you will see the whole city hidden behind the trees.

Doi Suthep Temple or Wat Phra That Doi Suthep was built in 1383, located at an altitude of more than 1,000 m and about 15 km from the residential area. To reach the temple complex, you must cross 290 steep steps. Those who cannot climb, can use the cable car service. Visitors must leave outside slippers and barefoot.

Inside the main tower in the temple is a place of worshiping relics of Buddha. After visiting the temple for a round, you remember the back, where you can capture the panoramic view of Chiang Mai and the surrounding countryside.

Baan Kang Wat is a small village full of art and creativity, about 10 km west of central Chiang Mai. This is one of the complexes that attracts young people and art lovers because of many beautiful cafes, shops displaying traditional handicrafts. Lovely handmade will bring relaxing moments.

Night markets and pedestrian streets are suitable for those who want to explore the bustling life of the locals. Think Park is located on the intersection of Nimmanhaemin and Huay Kaew Road which is one of Chiang Mai’s most vibrant night markets. This place is popular with young people because of the youthful atmosphere created by the creative handicraft shops and many stylish check-in shooting corners.

After visiting the market, you can visit the nearby Maya Lifestyle shopping center to shop or explore the pedestrian street, which sells jewelry and handicrafts. Here you can reward yourself by using the foot massage service right on the sidewalk. The price of each massage hour is 150 baht (120,000 VND).

If you want to feel the cool and pleasant atmosphere of Chiang Mai, you cannot miss Mon Jam, a small village in the heart of Mae Sa valley. This place is about an hour by car from central Chiang Mai. 

The road to the top of the hill is quite difficult, the direction of the car in Thailand is on the left, so visitors should be careful if you ride a motorbike. This area has parking, sightseeing areas, food and drink. In addition, along the way to the top of the hill, there are many innovative accommodation designed for guests who want to stay overnight.

Mon Jam is like a “paradise” for nature lovers who want to find a peaceful and quiet space. Coming here, you will be temporarily away from the town when surrounded by gardens with dozens of blooming flowers, taking your eyes further than the unsteady hills and mountains.

Chiang Mai Elephant Home is an elephant care farm located in a village surrounded by mountains. Visitors here can observe or experience close to the elephants in the wild. You can walk, feed, bathe and play with them. This place started to open to visitors about 6 years ago.

Currently the farm has 6 elephants, 4 adults and 2 young, raised in the wild. According to Kasem Thongchai (farm owner), elephants are friendly and need protection. 

The price for an experience tour is from 1,700 baht (1.3 million dong) per person, including learning to make elephant food, feeding elephants, bathing and playing with them.

The more than hundred-year-old Baan Tawai village is famous for its traditional wood carvings. Visitors can take a moment to stop here to learn about the wood carving industry of the older artisans. After visiting, you should visit the shops displaying many handicraft items to buy as gifts such as wood carvings, silverware, lacquerware, weaving, rattan …

A trip to Chiang Mai would not be perfect if you missed a match of Muay Thai – traditional martial arts and a popular sport of Thailand. If you do not watch matches for tourists, you can ask locals to find a place to enjoy a real match.

You also do not miss the traditional art performances such as dancing, singing, playing musical instruments … The melodious sound with the shaking, skillful bends of the Lakhon dance will make you enjoy.


With a mild climate, pleasant, visitors can visit Chiang Mai during the seasons. In summer, this place is cooler than other areas in Thailand so this is considered the peak tourist season of Chiang Mai. By the end of November to early February, the area blooms with many beautiful flowers, the climate also becomes colder.

Transfer to Chiang Mai

There are many airlines serving this route, AirAisa is one of the airlines you can choose with high flight frequency and preferential prices. Currently a round-trip ticket of this airline costs from 3 million.

Move in Chiang Mai

The main means of transportation in Thailand, including Chiang Mai is tuk-tuk. Renting a car is an option for travelers to save money if traveling in large groups. Alternatively, you can also rent a motorbike for 100 – 150 baht (about 75,000 – 120,000 VND) a day.

This place has a full range of accommodations with prices at many affordable levels. In the city center, it is not difficult for tourists to find homestays and hostels with cheap prices, from 100 baht (about 75,000 VND). You can stay at Lek Guesthouse, A Little Bird Guesthouse, Mint House, 7 Century Guest House …

Also want to stay at hotels or resorts like Insda Resort, you can refer to the accommodation on the booking page online. Price from 500 USD per night in hotel rooms from 4-5 stars. The villa is garden view, about 750 USD per night.

Money exchange: The exchange rate will be a bit higher if you change money baht or US dollar in Vietnam first, 100 baht equivalent to 75,000 VND.

You should book flights, accommodation in advance from 2 to 4 weeks to save costs. 

To facilitate the process of searching information or checking-in, you should buy a sim card at the airport. A sim with internet package for 3 days about 100 baht. Or you can also rent a Wi-Fi transmitter from Vietnam.

Prepare sunscreen, clothes, sneakers if you want to try the adventure game. 

The transport in Thailand moves on the left, you should be careful when driving yourself. 

If you have gastrointestinal disease or have difficulty adjusting to strange foods, you should prepare some medications as directed by your doctor. 

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