From mid-March to May, cherry blossoms blooming on the roads and corners of the world. Each land is covered with a gentle beauty, separate.

Cherry blossoms are considered as one of the symbols of Japan but China is also a country famous for many beautiful cherry blossoms. Peach blossoms in China usually bloom most brilliantly from late March to early April. However, this year, the cherry blossoms bloom in southwest China earlier than usual. 

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many countries issued warnings to people to avoid large gatherings. The flower reward points thus become more desolate.

For Japanese people, blooming cherry blossoms symbolize rebirth and strength. Going on any street, any corner, you will come across blooming cherry trees as fairyland. In Tokyo, hundreds of ancient cherry trees bloom in Ueno, Asukayama, Kitanomaru, etc. These are all destinations that Japanese people love and visit each year. However, because of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the government recommends that people not gather to watch the flowers.

Cherry blossoms on West 22 Boulevard in Vancouver, Canada is also a picture imprinted in the hearts of visitors. The center of the city has about 40,000 cherry trees, blooming from mid-March to May every year. Around 1930, the first cherry trees were planted here as a gift of the city of Yokohama (Japan). The flower also blooms in the sky at St James Park in London, England. 

Admiring the cherry blossoms blooming in the tropical climate in Singapore is not uncommon for many visitors. Unlike peach forests in the US, Japan or South Korea, Singapore’s cherry blossom festival is held in a giant greenhouse in Gardens by the Bay. This area is home to thousands of rare plant species around the world. 

Capitol Hill, the most magnificent and beautiful parliament building in the world, becomes poetic these days. Watching blooming peach blossoms here is one of the favorite activities in Washington DC, USA.

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