The universe creates mysterious natural phenomena that science has not yet been able to explain. Seeing the galaxies, spotting lakes … are wonderful experiences you should try once.

Milky Way (Cherry Springs State Park, USA): The park is open year round, especially, in the summer, you will admire the sparkling galaxy. Here, in addition to enjoying the light party of the night sky, you can also save moments with your friends with sparkling photos.

Thunderstorm (Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela): This is considered to be the place with the most “electricity” on Earth with lightning storms lasting 10 hours, without rain. To come here to “hunt storms”, you take a direct flight from Miami to Maracaibo. This incredible weather phenomenon takes place year round. 

Ice Pillars (Atacama Desert, Chile): Hard, long, pointed snow cubes that are inclined towards the sun but do not melt are considered a rare phenomenon in the Andes highlands. They are found in places with elevations above 13,000 feet (nearly 4,000 m) like Atacama.

“Sculptures” with ice (Lapland, Finland): Come here in January, you will admire the picture “icy landscape”. Trees, temples, and roofs are all covered with snow, creating a work exactly like the fairy world “Frozen”. 

“Spotted Lake” (Okanagan Valley, Canada): In winter, the lake looks normal. However, in the summer, the lake creates yellow, blue and green waters, which is considered a mysterious mark in the Okanaga tribe. However, to conserve the lake ecosystem, people cannot get close to those mineral waters.

Aurora (Northern Hemisphere): This beautiful optical phenomenon is characterized by the color combination of light trails in the sky. You can hunt for aurora borealis on tours of Iceland, Alaska coast or Northern Norway.

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