With over 1.8 million followers, the famous Suki cat on social networks is no different than professional travel bloggers. Recently, Suki has traveled to 11 countries with her employer.

Suki lives with her employer in Canada, adopted 3 years ago. Suki’s owner is Martina Gutfreund – a professional photographer. Due to the peculiar nature of traveling, time is not fixed, the female photographer brought with her her friend on every move. Share with Insider , she said: “Traveling with cats means that you will have to be gentle, more considerate, for pets to be as comfortable as possible.”

This year, the book Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat is scheduled to be published in March. Introducing this autobiography, Amazon wrote: “Suki is a beautiful Bengal cat from Canada, who is not afraid to take his little foot on big adventures From castles in Europe to the sunny coast of California, Suki’s trips prove that anyone can wander ladder around the world “.

“In addition, Suki looks extremely elegant with every flexible step. With Suki’s beautiful photo treasures and Martina Gutfreund, the book will be written further on their journey to explore their lands.” , Amazon added.

This multi-talented cat also impressed nearly 100 products with the “Suki brand” sold on e-commerce sites. They are cases, coffee mugs, shirts, Suki-printed logos and attractive color-coordinated posters.

Recently, they went on a trip to Europe and explored 11 countries in 2 months. Gutfreund brought Suki to Europe by plane. She said: “Suki made a lot of noise when taking off and landing. After that, I was relieved when Suki became more obedient when being taken out.”

Suki is not particularly afraid of water and can adapt to hot or cold climates, even snowy environments. Gutfreund shared that she often let her friend freely pose and she will set the camera in continuous shooting mode, helping to capture more “ecstatic” moments.

The “travel cat” personal account has over 1.8 million followers and over 100,000 likes for each post. The latest image in America of Suki has received much attention from the online community. Ponyo.bean account praised: “Suki! You’re the cutest cat on earth I know”. Meanwhile, Karinaa.blabla account expressed concern for Suki: “Suki! You should be at home at this time”. The owner of the photo replied that they were still enjoying their moments together at home.

Gutfreund said Suki had a special interest in traveling to Europe. Croatia and the Czech Republic are its favorite destinations.

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