To reach the top of Stanserhorn Mountain (Switzerland) at an altitude of 1,898 m, visitors can take the CabriO cable car. The special thing is that you will have the opportunity to stand on the roof of the cabin, instead of just sitting inside.

The Stanserhorn is a mountain located in the Nidwalden region, near the Obwalden border, Switzerland. With a mountain peak at 1,898 m above sea level, it offers visitors breathtaking views.

To get to the top of the mountain, you can use CabriO, the world’s first cable car system with a roofless floor. This is the latest cable car technology, bringing a different experience to the user.

The lower compartment with large glass doors is enough space for 60 people. Here, a staircase leads visitors to the open compartment above, where can accommodate about 30 people.

Thanks to this, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view and enjoy the fresh air. However, all are recommended to be cautious when the cable car moves, those who are afraid of heights should not stand here. 

The process of installing this new cable car is not easy. This is a big challenge for engineers, architects and construction companies. They must calculate to ensure absolute safety for visitors.

This project was completed and put into operation in 2010, with a total investment of 28.1 million Swiss francs (equivalent to 29.5 million USD ). This cable car was so successful that it became a popular tourist destination for the whole region and appeared on the stamps of the Swiss Post.

The lower cable car station, named Kalti, is located at an altitude of 711 m above sea level. To travel from the nearby town of Stans to Kalti, you’ll be transported by climbing train. When opened in 1893, this route broke the record for the longest mountain railway in the world. 

The mountain top station was once a hotel but was destroyed by fire when lightning struck it in October 1970. Now guests can relax in the restaurant with a beautiful view.

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