The last point in our days of exploring Europe, we stopped in Italy, where “all roads lead to Rome.”

In the heart of Rome and the smallest independent nation in the world, Vantican is considered the center of the Roman Catholic Church, the pilgrimage place of the followers.

St. Peter’s Basilica is located in the square of the same name, and is a Catholic church with late-Renaissance architecture.

Thousands of people lined up to visit the cathedral of Peter. Joining in the line of people waiting, though having to queue for a long time, our mood was very comfortable.

There are many ways to get around Rome, one of which is by horse-drawn carriage. This horse is big, tall, gentle and a little goofy. I can touch her comfortably. To come here is my long-held dream, the years of my youth, I want to save with experience, with footsteps. And after every journey, I find myself richer in knowledge, more interesting things, good people.

There are three things that are nowhere near as great as Rome – the eternal city: coffee, spaghetti and ice cream. In the cold weather, sip an ice cream and wander between the streets. Nothing could be more awesome!

The small streets of Rome have a common feature: narrow, short and paved, so you will not worry about being slippery when it rains here.

Around a few streets you can easily find street artists. They can sing, play, draw or draw violins like this guy. My friend and I were bewildered watching him perform, it seemed like there was something to hold our feet.

This is the Ponte Sant’Angelo Bridge, also known as the “Angel Bridge”, spanning the Tiber River with five arches, three of which are in Roman style.

Two rows of angel statues on the bridge. Each angel holds an object that represents the story of Jesus being nailed to a cross.

Not only Rome but also the cities I visit in Europe, there are many gulls. They are very brave, even if you get up close to take pictures no problem.

Il Vittoriano Monument was built to commemorate the first king of Italy. You can walk from the city center or bus to here. The monument is open daily and there is no admission fee.

Small streets and large boulevards, small houses and large, modern and ancient buildings blend closely together in the heart of the city.

Souvenir shop, with lots of small icons typical of Rome. Here they also say the same challenge as Vietnam, so if you want to buy things, pay the price if you do not want to be expensive.

A small car selling ice cream and drinks.

Castello St Angelo Castle is not only a place to visit paintings, sculptures, archeology, historical weapons .. but also as a story told by the ups and downs of history associated with it over time.

Pictured here is the Pantheon Palace, the most intact ancient Roman building still preserved. Today, the Panthéon is a burial ground and a tribute to historical figures and people who have made France famous.

Colosseum, also known as the Colosseum, is 2000 years old. This place is considered one of the cradles of human civilization: Roman civilization. Despite the weather, the earthquake and earthquake, Colosseum still kept its majesty, steadiness and ancient. Closing your eyes feels like you are living in the space of 2000 years ago.

Your trip in Rome will not be complete without visiting the most famous wish radio in Rome, which is associated with the legend: If you want to return to Rome, throw a coin into the Trevi fountain. Like those who have been to and fall in love with Rome, my most unfortunate thing is that there is no more time to spend here. So what I wish for now, is to have a chance to come back!

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