Strawberry Park Hot Springs (Colorado, USA) gives visitors the right to undress and soak in the hot water in the snowy landscape at night.

At night, visitors are not allowed to wear clothes while relaxing at Strawberry Park hot springs (Colorado, USA). On the contrary, during the daytime, clothing requests are still being enforced normally.

In an interview with CNN Travel , Joe Stepan, General Manager of Strawberry Park, said: “At night, the dressing is not entirely up to you. We want to keep the rustic atmosphere, want People completely relax, enjoy the hot springs and be able to immerse themselves in nature as much as possible. ”

The resort was built in the valley, surrounded by snow and fir trees. The entrance fee here ranges from US $ 15- 20 (about VND 350,000-500,000).

If you plan on staying for a dip at night, remember to bring a flashlight, as there is almost no artificial light here. The surrounding snow enveloped the space here. The only thing you hear when immersed in warm water is the sound of water flowing down from the top of the waterfall.

The highest temperature at hot springs reaches about 150 degrees Celsius. The creek that flows through the valley of about 40 degrees Celsius is used to adjust the temperature of the pool. So, “it’s not dangerous to have a bath here,” says Stepan.

The hottest of the 4 pools is next to the stream and the coolest is below the ridge beside the creek. Note that you do not take a bath in the 5th pool because the temperature in the lake is very cold, it can be below minus.

Another note is that you should prepare water beforehand because hot springs do not provide drinks and alcohol services are not allowed to use.

In addition to bathing in the stream, you can also participate in skiing games, relax at the massage room … “Massage is a great option, especially after a day of strenuous skiing,” Stepan said.

Strawberry Park provides unique experiences for visitors to fully enjoy their stay. When you come here to experience, you should follow the rules of the hot spring to avoid unfortunate things happen.

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