Many photos taken in Vietnam are among the most beautiful “Water” thematic works in the world organized by Agora.

The “Water” theme contest launched by Agora on February 28 has received more than 8,700 entries from photographers around the world. After the screening time, the organizers have selected 50 best photos. The photo is the work of photographer Duy Sinh taken in Quang Ngai. “I took the picture in a saltwater lagoon just before sunset. A couple living nearby are using bamboo rods to catch fish. We should live in harmony with nature,” the author shared.

Life in Quang Ngai (left) continues to nominate 50 excellent photos by Agora . In the picture, people are fishing shrimp in the sea. The work was done by photographer Anh Trung. Meanwhile, the picture “Chapi Dream” (right) taken by Phamchiconghp in Gia Lai uses the water to create a contrast that makes the waterfall seem like it will never stop. This photographer is also skillful in exposure, creating a sense of intense waterfall as soft as white silk.

Photographer Viet Cuong got up from 4am and walked 2 km to the sea barefoot to take this photo. This is the time when dawn breaks and fishermen start their new working day. The art of backlight makes the work of fishermen clearly depicted in the early yellow sunshine.

The author Tuangocphoto records a rare and beautiful sight in the salt field in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). The sky in the afternoon was dark red, reflecting off the water creating austere working scenes for the women.

The work “Praying underwater” was taken in Hue. This is the activity of releasing lanterns to pray for Hue people on the Mid-Autumn Festival. The ancients conceived the candles on the river would send wishes to their gods and ancestors.

The photographer Sujon Adhikary took 2 hours to capture the moment the bat plunged into the water. He shared that the summer weather in Indonesia is very hot. As a result, bats often have to plunge into the water to cool down.

The winning photo is called “Thirsty” taken in Binangonan (Philippines). “The weather in the Philippines is very hot. I gave them some water and took this macro photo,” the author shared.

Zay Yar Lin, a Myanmar photographer, recreates the beautiful scenery of the fairy land in the eyes of his art. The rays of sunlight streaming through the trees make the image more dreamy.

“Fishing” picture taken in Myanmar by Cao Thi Ngoc Diem, Vietnamese photographer. After the heavy rain, the lake surface was like a giant mirror, reflecting the image of fishermen fishing.

Joao Galamba’s work at Timor Leste provides a perfect harmony of colors. If seen with the naked eye, the division between the river, mud and the sea is not as clear as in the picture. However, when you use a drone, the results are “truly amazing, unlike anything else has ever seen in the world” – according to Joao Galamba.

Author Nguyen Bao Ngoc uses reflective art to make Sensoji temple (Japan) more impressive. Reportedly, the author used a puddle of rain to create this photo.

Agora is a social network dedicated to photographers, both professional and amateur. Competitions are usually organized by week and month with many topics. Prizes can range from 1,000-25,000 USD . After accepting the submissions, the organizers will choose the 50 best photos to find the final winner.


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