High-end services from mattresses, sheets and ideal temperature to sleep … at the most expensive hotel in the US is something that many people dream of experiencing.

Lotte New York Palace is famous as a most luxurious hotel in New York City, USA. This expensive hotel offers the best services for guests to experience.

Recently, with the new cooperation of Hastens, the hotel is bringing guests the most advanced facilities that have never been seen before. Including a night resort on the mattress of 200,000 USD .

In November, the hotel revealed that it provided an “aristocratic” mattress experience for Hastens, with a retail price of US $ 200,000 . In addition, equally luxurious services include bathrobes, sleep masks, bed sheets as well as pajamas and slippers for guests.

Partner of this luxurious service for Lotte New York, said: “Our main goal is to bring the best sleep to our customers in the world. We believe that these perfect mattresses can bring that great experience “.

As a high-class vacation, customers will be free of charge to get the best experience. According to House Beautiful, the consultant, will work with guests to optimize their sleep by discussing guest pillow preferences, wake-up call times, ideal sleep temperatures and more.

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