The majestic baobab tree avenue, strangely shaped is a famous destination in Madagasca. According to local people, the baobab tree here is nearly 3,000 years old.

World famous baobab tree avenue

6/8 species of baobab in the world exist and develop only in Madagascar, the island nation of the Indian Ocean. This indicates that Madagascar is considered the origin of the baobab tree. On this island nation, the baobab tree avenue is considered an attractive destination for many worshipers. This famous road is located west of Madagascar, on a large land with rich vegetation and sacred baobab species growing and developing in the conservation of the people. If you catch up the opportunity, come here at sunrise or sunset, visitors will have to admire the extraordinary beauty of nature. According to local people, the baobab tree, called renala, appeared 3,000 years ago. Currently, the unique tree species in Madagasca is threatened by forest fire, forest exploitation, soil erosion. In addition to the name “baobab”,

Legendary tree

According to a famous African legend, baobab was created in the past with beautiful shapes, flowers and green leaves. Because they are so proud of their beauty, they boast to many other plants. In order to control this, the Lord decided to turn them upside down to hide some of that beauty. In northern Namibia, baobab is considered a plant to help the environment clean. Legend has it that those who pollute the surrounding lands will be locked in a big tree trunk. In Bostwana (South African country), forest dwellers believe that the flowers of baobab trees are a refuge for the spirits. Flower pickers will be eaten by lions. In addition to its spiritual meanings, baobab trees also bring many valuable uses for human life. People often peeled tree bark to get rope. Despite being cut off the shell, baobab still does not die because of their ability to replicate magic. Baobab fruits can be processed into a variety of foods and drinks. Leaves can be used as a cooking material or as a cure for diseases like diarrhea, fever … To go to the baobab avenue in Madagasca, from the capital Antananarivo, take a bus to the South and then rent a lam to the University Highway, travel expenses approx55 USD .

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