New experience is what visitors expect in every holiday. Meeting this demand, a series of new hotels and resorts were launched with impressive highlights.

1. Kachi Lodge, Bolivia: Viewed from above, this hotel is like a research station on the Moon. In fact, Kachi Lodge is designed as a dome and luxurious interior, located in Uyuni salt field, Bolivia. Come here, in addition to watching surreal landscapes, you can bike between the salt desert or walk the nearby Tunupa volcano.

2. Hayman Island, Australia: Hayman Island Resort is a new resort on Hayman Island, Australia, built with 8 luxury villas right on the beach. The central villa area of ​​4,000 m2 is equipped with 3 separate swimming pools separated from the beautiful coral reef. Visitors to the hotel will be prohibited from using plastic, glass bottles and sunscreen to ensure coral safety.

3. Aman Kyoto, Japan: Unlike the crowded resorts, Aman Kyoto offers visitors a soothing, relaxing experience. Located in the middle of the forest outside of Kyoto, Aman has 26 suites with transparent glass doors and ceilings, hot spring onsen baths, and private chefs who cook 5-star dishes.

4. Jao Camp, Botswana: Speaking of new experiences, you will be really impressed when coming to resort in Jao Camp, Botswana. Opened in 1999 and closed afterwards for a variety of reasons. This year, the resort decided to resume operations with many attractive experiences for visitors. Jao Camp is decorated with exotic bird’s nest architecture, an outdoor pool with a guide and a butler to help you enjoy unlimited wildlife.

5. Château du Grand-Lucé, France : Originally an ancient castle, Château du Grand-Lucé was converted into a luxury hotel in June 2019. With 17 rooms furnished with antique furniture, each room is decorated with works of mural art with centuries of age. In particular, around the hotel are large lakes, gardens and mazes.

6. Nobu Hotel, Los Cabos, Mexico: Nobu is completely different from the traditional hotels in Los Cabos, Mexico. Instead of the fancy style, this place chose Japanese minimalist style, but still not lacking in comfort and elegance. Coming here, you will be surprised with a huge 4,000 m2 spa room and beautiful desert surroundings.

7. Six Senses Shaharut, Israel: Located on the top of a rugged cliff in the Negev desert, Israel, the Shaharut Resort is an ideal destination for those who love adventure. Opened earlier this year, Shaharut offers unique cuisines and thrilling desert experiences like camel rides, sandboarding, or volcano tours.

8. Rosewood Bangkok, Thailand: Rosewood’s newest hotel stands out amidst Bangkok capital by its impressive fragile architecture at first sight. Inside the hotel is a 10-storey indoor waterfall, along with hundreds of works of Thai culture. Different from the traditional type, the interior of each room is considered modern and luxurious, although the furniture is made of rattan and bamboo.

9. Nayara Tented Camp, Costa Rica: Located next to the pristine rainforest surrounding Arenal volcano, Nayara is Costa Rica’s first luxury resort. A few steps away from the camp, visitors can experience hot spring baths, raft rafting, jungle walks and horseback riding. You can even visit the lazy sanctuary, watching the beautiful but slow animals.

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