To experience many destinations is the dream of many people. Here are 5 world famous travel bloggers, helping you have more good suggestions for upcoming trips.


With 78,400 followers, Alexandra Baackes (New York, USA) is a “crazy” female travel blogger from the first travel in 2011. For Alex, travel is an adventurous, full of energy days. amount, arduous journeys without a contingency plan. Locations on every continent are always “pocketed” by her and experience in turn such as Cairo (Egypt), Israel, Mexico …


Travel Blogger Ashlea Wheeler (23,800 followers) was born and raised in Tazmania. Through every vlog of travel blogger, you will want to pick up your backpack and go right away because of the attractive and attractive destinations that she introduces to viewers. In addition, there are shares, personal experiences, tips for planning trips and giving useful tips on job search along the way.


With 2.3 million followers, Jessica Stein (Australia) is one of the most popular female travel bloggers in the world today. The first blog site opened only for family and friends to update the situation when she was traveling. However, with shimmering pictures, emotional sharing lines, she is becoming more and more popular. Traveling in more than 27 countries around the world, this U40 blogger has inspired many young people to move.

Courtney Scott (32,600 followers): “Living many years in a small apartment in New York, Courtney dreamed of a more romantic life”, it was Courtney’s self-introduction line on his blog. Just a personal travel blogger, she is also a filmmaker, a travel expert, and her blog and YouTube channel are carefully cared for with articles on how to save money, how to pack furniture, and like travel fashion …

With 1.3 million followers, Tara Whiteman (Australia) is a travel blogger who is no stranger to travel believers. According to Instagram, she is one of the top 20 highest earners in 2019 by posting pictures on social networks. From a young age, Tara had a passion for movement. Speaking to the Mail , she said: “I often travel with my boyfriend, both enjoy taking photos and often take photos of each other.”

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine , Tara said: “The important thing for a good travel photo is to know the right time to shoot in full light, which means you have to get up early because At that time, there were very few people and good lighting. In addition, they had to prepare appropriate clothes. ” Female travel blogger also confirmed that she did not stick her face on her phone during every trip. Instead, she prefers to explore the world more than just “living virtual” on social networks.

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