Owning quality accommodation service, luxurious hotels in Dubai (UAE) is a luxury resort choice of many rich kids.

Located in the luxurious city of Dubai (UAE), Burj al-Arab is considered as the first 7-star hotel in the world. A few miles before reaching the gate, visitors can see the lovely sail-shaped building right next to the picturesque beach. Tourists booking here are mostly upper-class. 

When booking here, guests will be picked up at the airport by a Rolls-Royce driver. The hotel room is also decorated with modern furnishings such as high-end computer system, rotating bed, royal-style bathroom. Burj al-Arab has 202 suites with an average price of 1,497 USD / night (about 35 million VND / night). The most expensive room of the hotel named Royal, costs nearly 19,000 USD / night (more than 400 million VND).

About 1 hour away from Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE) also owns a high-class accommodation system. The splendid Emirates Palace is no different from the old castles for kings. According to reports, the investment capital for this hotel is about $ 3.9 billion . Emirates Palace is also famous for using nearly 40 tons of gold to decorate inside. This royal-style hotel is chosen by many rich kid as a resort. 

Compared to Burj al-Arab, Emirates Palace has a more affordable price thanks to a variety of room types. The cheapest room price here is about 460 USD / night (over 10 million VND). With this room, visitors will enjoy spacious space of up to 54 m2, 1 large-sized bed, 1 double bed and many other utilities.

Located in the famous artificial island The Palm, Atlantis The Palm is a favorite destination for luxury travelers. This is the first luxury resort built on Palm Jumeirah – one of the 3 island branches of The Palm. The work is highlighted by an architectural style that blends modern and fantasy Atlantis with traditional Islamic style.

The Royal Bridge Suite room at Atlantis Hotel, The Palm, Dubai is where Kim Kardashian and many A-list stars used to live, for $ 30,000 a night. VIP guests here enjoy 24/7 butler service and free massage. Even the soap in the bathroom is plated with 14K gold scales.

Although not as famous as Atlantis The Palm or Burj al-Arab, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah hotel is also loved by many luxurious travelers because of its unique architecture and convenient location. It is a 50-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. This hotel is suitable for those who love polite and aristocratic style.

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