Wonton in Richmond, Canada, French Camembert cheese or apple pie in Canada are world famous dishes

Richmond Dumpling Trail, Canada: Richmond Dumpling opened in August 2016 has a long list of about 20 restaurants with attractive dumplings or wontons. More than half of its 200,000 residents are of Asian descent, so visitors can easily find famous Asian dishes here, from kimchi, Korean mandu to Japanese fried Gyoza dumplings.

Sligo Culinary Road, Ireland: The Northwest Food Street of Ireland is a diverse culinary area near the harbor. The route includes restaurants, local producers and small stalls, all offering residents and visitors a unique view of lesser known areas and interesting food.

Beer cheese sugar , Kentucky, USA: The road is one of Kentucky’s great cultural heritage, famous for beer cheese, light beer or Worcestershire sauce. Beer cheese first appeared in Johnny Allman’s restaurant in Kentucky since the 1940s, and later became the hallmark of the region. Beer cheeses are found in cafes, restaurants and markets with their own unique flavor

Neck of the Woods, North Carolina, USA: The North Carolina plateau is part of the Appalachian region of the eastern United States, an area known for home-made jam, farm cheese, fresh apple pie and Sour corn. These dishes can be found along the Neck of the Woods culinary trail. There are nearly 100 places marked on the map of Neck of the Woods that help visitors easily select and create their own culinary tour.

Apple Pie Trail, Ontario, Canada: Map of the Apple Pie Trail is marked with 40 stops around the Georgia Bay of Lake Huron. Each location is related to the region’s apple industry, dating back to the 1800s. Apple Pie Street offers an apple-themed holiday with markets, wineries and cafes. Famous coffee with apple pie, caramel apple pie.

Malt Whiskey Trail, Scotland: Scotland Malt Whiskey Trail offers visitors the opportunity to discover the most traditional and original whiskey glasses. The places on the road are old distilleries like Glenfiddich, Glen Moray or Benromach Distillery. Here, visitors can talk to the distiller, learn about traditional recipes and discover ancient craftsmanship. Besides, on the way there are a series of world famous whiskey bars.

German, German Wine Road: Beer may be a unique cultural feature in Germany, but this country is also home to the first culinary trail established in the world, the wine route. Founded in 1935, the famous German wine route passes through one of the hottest regions of the country, winding through the hills and forests of the Palatinate to Bockenheim an der Weinstrasse. Locations on the trail are charming wine villages such as Bad Dürkheim or Heidelberg Tun’s house, the “largest wine barrel in the world” and Edenkoben, where you can find a museum about viticulture and the calendar. City history and a variety of wine festivals all year round.

Normandy Camembert, France: Normandy Camembert is the perfect route to explore many different types of cheese in France. The 56-kilometer route is lined with fruit gardens and small villages like Ticheville or Crouttes, where Marie Harel, the famous Camembert cheese maker of the 18th century, was born. Besides, visitors can explore the history of this cheese at the Camembert museum in Vimoutiers or visit the Graindorge Fromagerie cheese factory of Livarot family, which produces 4 famous types of cheese, Camembert. , Pont L ‘Évêque, Neufchâtel, and Livarot

Donut Trail, Ohio, USA: The Donut Trail is a culinary route with 10 stops in Butler Country, Ohio, connecting famous pastry shops and donut shops such as Milton’s Donuts, Fruity Pebble Donuts and Kelly’s Bakery . All shops are open all day, but visitors are always advised to start exploring the road early because some locations are always out of stock.

Clwydian Food Street, Wales: Discovering the culinary road is an indispensable activity when visitors come to the Clwydian Range in northern Wales. The road to introduce more than 20 locations is local businesses and people who offer the region’s own culinary products such as Little Welsh cheese company, Hafod brewery or Celtic Woodsmith family, specializing in honey production. Bees, orange jam and mustard.


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