Many cities, although not the top destinations on the tourist map, have diverse and rich cuisine, making it difficult for visitors to ignore.

Palermo, Sicily, Italy: With 2,500 years of history and the location of the Mediterranean crossroads, Palermo contains a cross between cultures and cuisines from around the world. Coming to Palermo, the experience not to be missed for visitors is to enjoy the street food, visit a market and learn the diverse and vibrant cuisine and the undeniable cuisine of this place.

Mumbai, India: Mumbai is a bustling and energetic city, along with a rich culinary culture, especially street food. Mumbai’s fascinating dishes are found on the streets 24 hours like vada pav, batata vada or Portuguese original cakes. Besides, your Mumbai tour will not be perfect if you miss bhelpuri, coastal Konkani dishes, chicken tikka rolls in Bademiya and a glass of sweet dessert falooda.

Edmonton, Alberta: In Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, visitors can find the culinary flavors of the world. If you love Italian food, you can go to Jasper Avenue, visit Bar Bricco, Corso 32 and Uccellino. If you want to explore Mexican cuisine, you can go to Tres Carnales to enjoy traditional tacos or to Rostizado to eat rosti puerco and arrachera. If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, NongBu and Boualouang will help you satisfy with the dishes from Korea, Thailand legend. In addition, in the summer, visitors here have the opportunity to participate in exciting festivals such as Interstellar Rodeo, Folk Music Festival or Edmonton Fringe.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Hanoi not only has many beautiful landscapes, but also famous for its rich and unique cuisine, bringing its own flavor, captivating many tourists. In Hanoi, the special experience for visitors is visiting the street vendors or sidewalks, sitting on a low plastic chair and enjoying attractive dishes, while surrounded by bustle and bustle. stomping of the street.

Guadalajara, Mexico: In Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico, visitors can enjoy the city’s most famous and favorite dishes such as torto ahogada and spicy dipping sandwich, discover the famous distillery like José Cuervo and Herradura. Besides, tourists also find special versions of American-Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, carne asada, quesadillas, birria, and pozole.

Cape Town, South Africa: In addition to memorable experiences such as being in a concert at Kirstenbosch Garden, shopping on the harbor, immersing in the views of white sand beach and majestic mountain scenery, visitors come to Cape Tow can not ignore the attractive dishes here, especially the outdoor barbecue. In the midst of the vibrant music space, visitors can enjoy the flavors of grilled meats such as beef and chicken skewers, ostrich meat, boerewors sausages or rib curry dishes, and especially barbecue the whole child.

Malmo, Sweden: Coming to Malmo, visitors will have an interesting day. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in colorful Scandi houses or medieval ruins, then, when it gets cold, visitors can visit hipster cafe a bar or a bar. Snacks and enjoy Scandi dishes.

Vigo, Spain: You will be dining like a king anywhere throughout Spain, however, going west, going to Galicia and visiting the city of Vigo is the perfect choice to explore. breaking the cuisine of “land of gaur”. It is not only attractive with a temperate climate, beautiful beaches or castles, but also famous for the streets of oyster restaurants or excellent dishes made from squid and many other seafood.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada: At restaurants open daily in Montreal, visitors can enjoy a variety of diverse and attractive dishes such as bacon in Schwartz or to St. Viateur or Fairlount Bagel to try the famous Montréal bread. In addition, visitors can also visit Le Vin Papillon or Candide to enjoy dishes arranged by Chef John Winter Russell made from seasonal vegetables such as hedgehog mushrooms, broccoli or potatoes

Warsaw, Poland: In Warsaw, tourists can enjoy high-class, expensive dishes such as steak tartare and pâté at affordable prices compared to many places in Europe. In addition, besides traditional Polish dishes like pierogi, found everywhere, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes originating from around the world such as Hawaiian sushi, Japanese sushi Map to Peru’s ceviche or Mexican street food.


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