Based on the PM2.5 fine dust level, Stockholm, Wellington are the capitals with the freshest air in the world, according to the Telegraph rankings.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the first city to be crowned the European Green Capital in 2010. Since receiving the award, the Swedish capital has continued to develop green initiatives and successfully reduced its carbon emissions by 25% over the years. 1990.

The city aims to be free of fossil fuels (which contain high levels of carbon and hydrocarbons) by 2050. The measure adopted by the country is to improve public transport, cut waste and increase Strengthen biodiversity.

Stockholm is also known as an ideal city for cycling. There are 760 km of bike paths and about 150,000 people travel by this vehicle every day.


Wellington, New Zealand

The coastal capital of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s most populous areas with over 400,000 people. According to the Telegraph , besides the small and windy population, the energy saving program and the waste management project of the authorities have made the city clean.

Wellington councilor Simon Woolf said the capital’s people are very environmentally conscious. In particular, Wellington also has many trees in the western belt and corridor.

Canberra, Australia

Canberra is a small capital with nearly 400,000 residents. This is also an environmental advantage of the city compared to the more populous places.

In addition, Canberra is known as Australia’s green capital with a 250 hectare nursery with about 44,000 trees. The city is one of the places that uses 100% renewable energy in electricity production, besides the cities of Austria, Germany and Spain.

Ottawa, Canada

In 1950, a French architect proposed to create a green belt wider than 32,000 hectares in the city. This has helped to repel the impacts of urban development on the environment.

In particular, the city also has a bicycle sharing program, encouraging people to use this type of vehicle. Together with a population of less than 900,000, Ottawa has become one of the cleanest capitals in the world.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital of Scotland was once known as Auld Reekie, referring to the pollution caused by toxic smog and the stench of sewage. Since the 1770s, Edinburgh has made major changes to its new urban planning and construction project. By now, the city has become one of the cleanest capitals in Europe.

Montevideo, Uruguay

With over a million inhabitants, the city is famous for its beaches, colonial architecture and vineyards. Along with the fresh air, Montevideo is known as one of the most comfortable capitals of South America.

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Tallinn, Estonia

With medieval design, the city was built with majestic walls and narrow gravel roads. So this is not the ideal place to drive a car or any other motor vehicle. Along with the advantage of its coastal location and greenery, the capital of Estonia has appeared on the list of the least polluted cities in the world.

Helsinki, Finland

The Helsinki government is building a high-quality public transport system, aiming to reduce the number of cars in the city by 2025. Currently, the bike route is over 3,800 km long in the Finnish capital. positive from the people.


Famous for its annual F1 race and people’s interest in driving, yachts, Monaco surprises when it comes to the ranking of the cleanest capitals in Europe.

According to the World Health Organization WHO, this sunny city has low PM 2.5 levels due to a reduced population (38,000 people) and no industry.

Madrid, Spain

People in Madrid prefer walking to the streets for entertainment rather than driving. Here, bars and restaurants appear popular on most streets.
In addition, plus traffic plus reasonable prices have helped Madrid make the list of the least polluted capital in the world.

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